Board of Directors
Planning Committee
Finance Committee
Medical Ethics Committee
Academic Committee
Editorial Committee
Education and Training Committee
Health Insurance Committee
Publicity Committee
Examination Committee
International Committee
Information Technology Committee
Legislation Committee
Endoscopic Management Committee
Clinical Practice Recommendations Committee
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Board of Directors
President Jung Gu Kang
President-Elect Seok Won Lim
Vice President Kwang Ho Kim
Vice President Jeong Seok Choi
Chairman, Board of Directors Woo Yong Lee
Auditor Gyu-Seog Choi
Hyeong-Rok Kim
Secretary General Soon Sup Chung
Vice Secretary General Yong Beom Cho
Hyung Jin Kim
Committee Chairman
Strategic Planning Committee Seung-Yong Jeong
Finance Committee Jin Sik Jeong
Medical Affairs and Ethics Committee Do-Yeon Hwang
Scientific Programs Committee Suk-Hwan Lee
Editorial Committee Moo-Jun Baek
Education and Training Committee Gibong Chae
Healthcare and Insurance Committee Eung Jin Shin
Public Relations Committee So Hyang Oh
Committee for Korean Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery Won Cheol Park
International Committee Ji Yeon Kim
Information Technology Committee Ik Yong Kim
Bylaws Committee Sun Keun Choi
Colonoscopy Commitee Won Kyung Kang
Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee Jun Won Um
Colorectal Cancer Registry Special Committee Kang Young Lee
Executive Director Seong Yeop Ryu
Yong Geul Joh
Seung-Hyun Lee
Eun-Jung Lee

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