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Welcome Message
Dear Members of the Korean Society of Coloproctology,
Above all, I would like to thank everyone and send kind regards through this letter due to the unprecedented pandemic resulted from the outbreak COVID-19. This is Kwang Ho Kim from the Medical Center of Ewha Woman's University, elected as the 53rd President of the Korean Society of Coloproctology.

Upon witnessing the settlement of the system of 'Medical Specialists in Corresponding Disciplines' initiated 6 years ago when I was in charge of the chairman of the board, and
finding the ICRS found its stabilized position, I think the Korean Society of Coloproctology is consolidating its place as a global academic society.
The advancement of our society is fully attributable to the efforts of all board members and entire members of our society. Currently, we had to cancel all schedules of domestic- and global conferences due to the prevalence of COVID-19. Also, I have heard many difficulties in diverse aspects of our members owing to the pandemic of COVID-19. However, I am afraid the crisis, triggered by the outbreak of COVID-19, is going to remain as it is now, and would not be terminated in short months disabling the resumption of regular activities of our society.
Thus, I am determined to listen to all valuable suggestions from the entire 2,121 members, as well as the precious opinions of all board members, in order to continue the advancement of our society, while I am in charge of the Presidency of our Society.
I wish every member and their respective families best luck in every future endeavor.
Thank you very much.

Kwang Ho Kim
President of Korean Society of Coloproctology
Dear Colleagues
It is my great privilege and honor to be appointed as a chairman of the Korean Society of Coloproctology. I also feel many responsibilities as a chairman. The vision of our society is "World best colorectal Society by the way of in-depth academic activities". With the countless devotion of our senior, colleagues and junior members, society's globalization has been started. We already had a long cooperation with the Japan Society of Coloproctology and recently begun new academic relations with ESCP, Lithuania, Mongolia, and Hongkong. I hope we can start the official relationship between ASCRS soon.
It is also noticeable that the official journal of our society, Annals of Coloproctology, was recently appointed as an official journal of APFCP. I hope we can have more academic relationships with Asian Pacific countries as well. The new era represented by information technology and 5G has already begun. This information technology is widely adopted in the field of medicine. Our society also prepared these changes in the world with the implementation of colorectal cancer registry project a couple of years ago. I will do all my best to settle down our projects for the future.
Multidisciplinary approach in decision making and patients care are standard practices in Korea now. I would like to recruit more members from other societies such as internal medicine, diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology, and pathology in order to make our society a world best and most academic one to serve our patients. I will also support many clinical and basic researches of our members not just following the evidence but creating the evidence and guiding practices.
Respectable colleagues and members, please support our society and actively participate to make thing happen with our own efforts. Finally, I will be honest, responsible and well balanced in my duties as a chairman for 2 years to prepare the net 50 years of our society.

Suk-Hwan Lee, M.D.
Chairman of Korean Society of Coloproctology
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